Northern Taurids Meteor Shower

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Northern Taurids Meteor Shower

The annual Northern Taurids meteor shower, which is active between October 20 and December 10 worldwide, will peak on the night of November 12 - 13.

The Northern Taurids are groups of meteors originated from dust grains ejected from Asteroid 2004 TG10. These small meteors (dust particles) are distributed along the asteroid's orbit, with a greater number of them concentrated close to the nucleus. We experience the Northern Taurids meteor shower every time when Earth passes through this stream of particles. At the peak activity of the meteor shower, Earth will be moving through the center of the dust trail left behind by the asteroid 2004 TG10.

You can start watching for the Northern Taurids as soon as it is dark. The best time for observing meteors will occur after midnight. Meteors will continue to appear in the sky until dawn. In a dark sky, it is possible to view as many as 5 meteors per hour. Unfortunately, the bright full moon sitting among the stars of Taurus (which is the shower’s radiant) will make it difficult to see meteors this time. Nevertheless, it is better to try. Our stargazing app Star Walk 2 will help you quickly find the shower’s radiant in the sky.

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