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Simple Stargazing

Sky exploration has never been so easy and immersive. Just point your device at the sky.

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Astronomical News

Stay up to date with the latest astronomy events and current space news, get notified about them in time.

Extensive Information

Learn about the objects that you see in the sky, explore their internal structure and 3D models.

Mars4th planet
Ursa MajorConstellation
16 PsycheAsteroid
Neptune8th Planet

Observing Tips

Find out what sky events and celestial objects are visible from your location and when to see them.

Customized Astronomy Experience

Allow your stargazing to be as simple or advanced as you desire.

Sky Watching in AR

Use your camera to spot celestial bodies in the sky and reveal what planets and stars are in your field of view.


The original Star Walk remains one of the best apps for budding stargazers of all levels, but Star Walk 2 has added some excellent features for night-time jaunts. Point it at the sky and you’ll soon be marvelling at the cosmos.

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Star Walk 2 is a stargazing app with a beautiful, crisp UI. It offers a variety of camera modes: free roam, scroll/manual, and augmented reality. You can travel in time to see skies from the past and future, and the app also boasts an interesting "What's New" feed of the latest astronomy news.


Star Walk 2 assists you in exploring the sky. Satisfy your curiosity by identifying stars, constellations, planets, satellites, asteroids, comets, spacecraft, nebulae, the ISS, Hubble Space Telescope, and other celestial bodies in real time with your smart device.

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