Latest News on Astronomical and Space-Related Events

Flat Earth model
~4 min

7 Ways to Prove the Earth Is Round

What is the real shape of the Earth? It turns out, the answer is not obvious for some people! Take a look at 7 ways you can prove that the Earth is round.

Full Moon in October 2021
~3 min

Full Moon in October 2021: Hunter’s Moon

The Full Hunter’s Moon will take place on October 20, 2021. Learn the meaning behind its name and what it has to do with the autumn equinox.

Lucy spacecraft flying past the Trojan asteroids
~3 min

NASA Launches Lucy!

NASA’s Lucy spacecraft launches soon. It will study the asteroids in the orbit of Jupiter and help us learn more about the evolution of the Solar System.

A Falcon 9 rocket lifts off with Starlink satellites
~12 min

How to See Starlink Satellites Train Tonight?

Learn more about SpaceX’s Starlinks, find out how to view the satellites from your location, and keep abreast of the recent launches.

Moon, Saturn, Jupiter in October 2021
~6 min

Moon in Conjunction With Venus, Saturn, Jupiter

In October 2021, the Moon will meet with three planets one by one: Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter. Here is how to see them in the sky.

Mars and its two moons, Phobos and Deimos
~9 min

Mars: The Ultimate Guide

Why is Mars red? What’s the gravity on Mars? Read this article to get answers to these and many other questions and learn more about the Red Planet.

Meteor showers October 2021
~3 min

October 2021 Meteor Showers Guide

Here is a schedule of meteor showers peaking in October 2021. We provide dates, observation forecasts and give some viewing tips.

Deep-sky objects to see in October 2021
~4 min

Deep-Sky Objects in October 2021

Can you see the Andromeda Galaxy from Earth? Yes, you can! Check out our list of galaxies and star clusters you can observe this October.

Facts About Mercury
~6 min

Facts About Mercury: All You Need to Know

The Mercury guide — explore the closest planet to the Sun! Find answers to the most common questions about Mercury here.

Facts About Uranus
~9 min

Planet Uranus: The Coldest Planet

Uranus has a peculiar chemical composition, extreme temperatures, and the most unusual axial tilt. Here we’ll take a closer look at this planet.

March equinox and September equinox
~4 min

What Is an Equinox?

When does fall start? What astronomical event marks the beginning of spring? In this article, we’ll answer the most popular questions about equinoxes.

Full Harvest Moon 2021
~2 min

Full Moon in September 2021: Harvest Moon

The Full Harvest Moon is coming on September 20, 2021, two days before the September equinox. Learn about the Harvest Moon meaning.

Inspiration4 all-civilian orbital mission
~3 min

Inspiration4: SpaceX’s first all-civilian orbital mission

SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft is ready to carry four people to orbit within the company’s first all-civilian mission. Here is all you need to know.

Neptune at opposition 2021
~9 min

Planet Neptune: Explore the Farthest Planet From the Sun!

How big is Neptune? What is Neptune made of? Why is Neptune blue? Read our article and learn curious facts about the outermost planet in the Solar System.

Meteor showers in September
~3 min

September Meteor Showers: Complete Guide

Learn curious facts about the Alpha Aurigids, the September Epsilon Perseids, and the Daytime Sextantids, and find out the best time to watch meteor showers!

Earth at twilight
~4 min

What's the Difference Between Twilight, Dusk, and Dawn?

What are the definitions for “twilight”, “dusk,” and “dawn”? What are the three types of twilight? In this article, we’ll answer these and other questions.

Pluto guide
~8 min

Facts About Pluto: Explore The Peculiar Dwarf Planet

How far is Pluto from the Earth? Why isn’t Pluto a planet? Read this article to get answers to these and many other questions!

Sky Tonight release new
~3 min

The New App Release: Meet Sky Tonight™!

A brand-new stargazing app from the creators of Star Walk is finally available for both iOS and Android devices. Today we’ll reveal its unique features.

Full Sturgeon Moon in August 2021
~4 min

Full Sturgeon Moon in August: Why Is It Called a Blue Moon?

When is the Full Moon this month? Why Is It Called a Blue Moon? Find answers to these questions and discover the Sturgeon Moon meaning!

Jupiter guide
~9 min

Jupiter Explained: The Mind-Blowing Facts

The bright Jupiter is known for its many moons, unstable surface, and mysterious Great Red Spot. Is there something else? Find out!