Latest News on Astronomy and Sky Watching — Stargazing Calendar

Never miss an exciting event in the night sky with the Star Walk space news — your online guide to the latest astronomy events and celestial bodies visible tonight. Find out how and when to observe meteor showers, solar and lunar eclipses, Starlink satellites, planetary events, comets, and more. Learn the astronomy terms, see stargazing forecasts for Northern and Southern Hemispheres, and get observation tips.

A Falcon 9 rocket lifts off with Starlink satellites

How to See Starlink Satellite Train 2023

~18 min

Learn how to see Starlink satellites in the sky from your location and get info on the upcoming Starlink launches.

Analemma next to a tree

Analemma Explained: How To Make It Easily

~7 min

The analemma secret revealed! Photographers spend months making these pictures, you can do it in **less than a minute**.

Geminids 2023

The Geminid Meteor Shower 2023: Where & When to See

~4 min

Don't miss one of the year's final major meteor showers — the Geminids! Discover the meteor shower’s peak time and observing tips.

Amazing Planet Venus

Facts About Venus: Explore the Earth's Sister Planet

~8 min

Why is Venus so hot and bright? When is the best time to observe it? Read this article to get answers to these and many other questions about this planet.

Sky in December 2023

Calendar of Astronomical Events in December 2023

~7 min

Learn when and where to look in the sky so you don't miss a single stargazing event in December 2023.

December Meteor Showers 2023

Meteor Showers in December 2023: When to See Shooting Stars Tonight

~5 min

A number of meteor showers will reach their peak in December 2023. We provide their peak dates, the Moon’s phase, and observation forecast.


Top 10 Deep-Sky Objects of December 2023

~5 min

Discover the Andromeda Galaxy, Orion Nebula, Double Cluster in Perseus, and other bright deep-sky objects you can see in December.

The Beehive Cluster

The Beehive Cluster (Messier 44): 1000 Stars in Cancer’s Heart

~7 min

The Beehive Cluster is one of the appealing deep-sky objects for both amateur and professional astronomers. You can find it in the sky, too! Discover when and where to see the cluster and what makes it special.

Pleiades Star Cluster

The Pleiades: One of the Best Naked-Eye Deep-Sky Objects

~6 min

How many stars can be observed in the Pleiades star cluster? 💫 Most stargazers only see six – learn how to spot more!

Moon near Venus in December 2023

December 2023: What Planet is Next to the Moon?

~7 min

What is that bright dot shining near the Moon tonight? Find out about stars and planets that can be seen next to our natural satellite this month!

Jupiter guide

Jupiter Facts: The Biggest Planet in the Solar System

~9 min

The bright Jupiter is known for its many moons, unstable surface, and mysterious Great Red Spot. Is there something else? Find out!

Asteroid 2015 TB145 passing near Earth

Will an Asteroid Hit Earth in 2023?

~10 min

Is it likely for an asteroid to hit Earth anytime soon? In this article, we’ll answer the most burning questions about potentially hazardous asteroids.

Jupiter Opposition 2023

Planetary Opposition 2023: Jupiter, Uranus, and Other Planets At Their Brightest

~7 min

The best time to view most planets is at the astronomical opposition. Find out what it means and when to see the upcoming oppositions.

Facts About Mercury

Facts About Mercury: All You Need to Know

~7 min

Explore the closest planet to the Sun! Find out how long a day on Mercury is and how many moons the planet has. Also, keep up with the upcoming Mercury events!

Zarya ISS Module

Celebrating 25 Years of the Zarya ISS Module: The Dawn of International Space Cooperation

~2 min

Marking 25 years since the launch of Zarya, the first module of the International Space Station. No boring numbers on this great day – just a brief explanation of why Zarya is dope. 🔥

Facts About Saturn

What Is Saturn: Planet Boasting Rings, Moons, and More

~13 min

How many rings does Saturn have? Where is Saturn tonight in the sky? Find answers to these and other most common questions about Saturn in our article.

Beaver Moon

The Beaver Moon 2023: When to See the November Full Moon 2023?

~3 min

The Beaver Moon will rise in the sky soon – learn when to see it and why it received such a peculiar name.

Mars and its two moons, Phobos and Deimos

Mars: Facts About the Red Planet

~11 min

Why is Mars red? What’s the gravity on Mars? Read this article to get answers to these and many other questions and learn more about the Red Planet.

Comets 2023

When Is the Next Comet: Comets 2023-2034 Schedule

~6 min

Learn about the brightest comets observable from the Earth in 2023. Some of them might become visible through binoculars or even with the naked eye!

Circumpolar Constellation

Circumpolar Constellations: Visible All The Year Round

~6 min

Discover the magic of the circumpolar constellations, from ancient myths to modern-day stargazing.