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Never miss an exciting event in the night sky with the Star Walk space news — your online guide to the latest astronomy events and celestial bodies visible tonight. Find out how and when to observe meteor showers, solar and lunar eclipses, Starlink satellites, planetary events, comets, and more. Learn the astronomy terms, see stargazing forecasts for Northern and Southern Hemispheres, and get observation tips.

Sky in June 2023

Celestial Events in June 2023: From Luminous Venus to Large Planetary Alignment

~6 min

Don't miss out on the chance to witness fascinating space objects. Read this article, mark your calendars, and prepare to be amazed by the celestial events that await you in June 2023!

Moon near Saturn in June 2023

May 2023: What Planet is Next to the Moon?

~10 min

What is that bright dot shining near the Moon tonight? Find out about stars and planets that can be seen next to our natural satellite this month!

Planetary Alignment 2023: Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Mercury & Uranus Visible Tonight

Planetary Alignment 2023: Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Mercury & Uranus Visible Tonight

~9 min

What is a planet alignment, and when to see the next one in May 2023? Check out this article to ensure you do not miss the moment when the planets line up in the sky.

June Full Moon with Antares

Full Moon in June 2023: Strawberry Moon

~3 min

On June 4, 2023, the Full Strawberry Moon will occur. Learn how to observe the Strawberry Moon and why it's called so.


What Is the Ecliptic: The Sun's Path In the Sky

~9 min

The ecliptic is more than just a scientific term – it's a starting point for exploring the night sky. With the ecliptic, you can track the movements of the Sun, Moon, planets, zodiac constellations, and more. So check out the article and start your astronomical journey!

Amazing Planet Venus

Facts About Venus: Explore the Earth's Sister Planet

~9 min

Why is Venus so hot and bright? When is the best time to observe it? Read this article to get answers to these and many other questions about this planet.

A Falcon 9 rocket lifts off with Starlink satellites

How to See Starlink Satellite Train 2023

~9 min

Learn how to see Starlink satellites in the sky from your location and get info on the upcoming Starlink launches.

Facts About Mercury

Facts About Mercury: All You Need to Know

~7 min

Explore the closest planet to the Sun! Find out how long a day on Mercury is and how many moons the planet has. Also, keep up with the upcoming Mercury events!

Penumbral lunar eclipse May 2023

Deep Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on May 5, 2023: Visibility and Timeline

~5 min

On May 5, 2023, there will be a deep penumbral lunar eclipse. The Moon will sink so deep into the Earth’s shadow, that the eclipse will even be visible to the naked eye. Check out our article for all the details!

Flower Moon 2023

Full Moon in May 2023: Flower Moon

~3 min

The Full Flower Moon will take place on May 5. Learn the meaning behind its name, and get ready to see a lunar eclipse!

May Sky 2023

Celestial Events in May 2023: Comets, Meteor Showers, Planets

~5 min

Take advantage of exciting astronomical events in May 2023! Read this article and start planning your stargazing sessions.

Mars and its two moons, Phobos and Deimos

Mars: Facts About the Red Planet

~9 min

Why is Mars red? What’s the gravity on Mars? Read this article to get answers to these and many other questions and learn more about the Red Planet.

Pleiades Star Cluster

The Pleiades: One of the Best Naked-Eye Deep-Sky Objects

~6 min

How many stars can be observed in the Pleiades star cluster? 💫 Most stargazers only see six – learn how to spot more!

What Is Space?

What Do We Know About Space?

~5 min

What is space made of, and what extraordinary things can be found out there? Read this article to unravel the mysteries of space!

Facts About Saturn

Planet Saturn: Explore Saturn's Rings, Moons, and More

~10 min

How many rings does Saturn have? Where is Saturn tonight in the sky? Find answers to these and other most common questions about Saturn in our article.

Comet Tsuchinshan-ATLAS March 2023

New Comet With Great Potential — C/2023 A3 (Tsuchinshan-ATLAS)

~5 min

A new noteworthy comet has been discovered! It could reach naked-eye visibility by mid-October 2024. Here is what we know about it so far.

Hybrid Solar Eclipse 2023

Hybrid Solar Eclipse of April 20, 2023 – Australia, Indonesia, Timor Leste

~4 min

Get ready for a rare hybrid solar eclipse! Learn where and when to observe it on April 20, 2023.

Moon Near Venus in April 2023

Past Moon-Planet Conjunctions 2023

~9 min

Learn about conjunctions of the Moon and planets that occurred in 2023. A link for the upcoming conjunctions list is included.

Great comets

Great Comets: What Are They and When Is the Next One?

~3 min

A great comet is an extraordinary event. Once you've seen it, you'll never forget it. Is there a great comet coming up? Learn from this article!

Vega in Lyra

Vega Star Facts – The Brightest Star in Lyra Constellation

~7 min

Discover the star Vega – the Harp Star, the Zero Star, and the future North Star. Learn about its location in the night sky, its significance for science and culture, and more in this article.