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Never miss an exciting event in the night sky with the Star Walk space news — your online guide to the latest astronomy events and celestial bodies visible tonight. Find out how and when to observe meteor showers, solar and lunar eclipses, Starlink satellites, planetary events, comets, and more. Learn the astronomy terms, see stargazing forecasts for Northern and Southern Hemispheres, and get observation tips.

Starlink Satellites

How to See Starlink Satellite Train 2024

~8 min

Learn how to see Starlink satellites in the sky from your location and get info on the upcoming Starlink launches.

Planets next to the Moon: May 3-6, 2024

April 2024: What Planet is Next to the Moon Tonight?

~8 min

What is that bright dot shining near the Moon tonight? Find out about stars and planets that can be seen next to our natural satellite this month!

Full Moon April 2022 - 2

April Full Moon, the Pink Moon, falls on April 23, 2024

~4 min

The Pink Full Moon will take place on April 23. Learn when and how to see the Pink Moon and why it's called so.

Facts About Mercury

Facts About Mercury: All You Need to Know

~7 min

Explore the closest planet to the Sun! Find out how long a day on Mercury is and how many moons the planet has. Also, keep up with the upcoming Mercury events!

The Earth & NASA Suomi NPP

Earth Day 2024: When Is the Earth’s Birthday?

~4 min

As you explore the sky, remember that the Earth below us needs love, too. April 22 is Earth Day around the world, so let's use it to take care of our cosmic home! This article offers simple tips on how you can start making a difference for our planet.

Mars-Neptune April 2024

Planetary Conjunctions: What Are They and When Is the Next One?

~4 min

Stay up to date with our complete list of planetary conjunctions! Mark your calendars, and be sure to observe these fascinating astronomical phenomena.

How to see a meteor shower

How To See A Meteor Shower: Top Tips On Watching Shooting Stars

~6 min

Get the ultimate guide to observing meteor showers! Learn the best times to see and photograph meteors, and prepare yourself for a night under the stars. Don’t miss a single shooting star – read on for tips!

The Lyrids Light Up the Sky

Lyrids 2024: All You Need to Know about the April’s Best Meteor Shower

~4 min

Explore the wonder of shooting stars in our guide to the Lyrid meteor shower! Find simple tips on how to view the meteors. Your journey into the night sky starts now!

Constellations in the sky

Top 10 Most Popular Questions About Famous Constellations

~4 min

Dive into the world of stargazing with our comprehensive guide to the constellations! 🌠 Find out everything you need to know about star patterns you see in the night sky.

Can you buy a star name

Truth About Star Naming: Can You Buy a Star In The Sky? 💫

~5 min

Have you ever dreamed of buying a star? The problem is that no one will recognize your right to own it. Here we explain how star-selling companies deceive you.

Nibiru Cataclysm

Planet Nibiru Explained: What Is It, and Will It Destroy the Earth?

~6 min

No one has ever seen Nibiru, and its very existence would defy the laws of physics. Still, about 50% of people think Nibiru is real. Are they right? Let's see.

Blue Regulus

Regulus – The Little King Star In The Constellation Leo

~7 min

Discover Regulus, the Little King star, one of the brightest and easiest to find. 🌟 Learn how to locate Regulus in the sky above you and see its celestial majesty with your own eyes!

Pons-Brooks Best Comet 2024

Catch the 'Devil Comet' Before It's Gone: Your Guide to Viewing 12P/Pons-Brooks

~6 min

Don't miss out! This is your last opportunity to view the "devil comet" 12P/Pons-Brooks, even with small binoculars. Follow this guide to catch a glimpse of this "space volcano" in the sky.

Pleiades Star Cluster

The Pleiades: One of the Best Naked-Eye Deep-Sky Objects

~8 min

How many stars can be observed in the Pleiades star cluster? 💫 Most stargazers only see six – learn how to spot more!

Mars and its two moons, Phobos and Deimos

Mars: Facts About the Red Planet

~9 min

Why is Mars red? What’s the gravity on Mars? Read this article to get answers to these and many other questions and learn more about the Red Planet.

Amazing Planet Venus

Facts About Venus: Explore the Earth's Sister Planet

~8 min

Why is Venus so hot and bright? When is the best time to observe it? Read this article to get answers to these and many other questions about this planet.

Neptune at opposition 2021

Planet Neptune: Explore the Farthest Planet From the Sun!

~9 min

How big is Neptune? What is Neptune made of? Why is Neptune blue? Read our article and learn curious facts about the outermost planet in the Solar System.

Betelgeuse Explosion

Betelgeuse: The Red Supergiant Star on Its Way to Supernova

~7 min

Discover Betelgeuse, the red supergiant star that's making headlines for it may go supernova in our lifetimes. 💥Learn how to observe Betelgeuse right now and explore the latest scientific theories about its upcoming explosion.

Planetary Alignment in space

Planetary Alignment 2024: What Is It? When Is the Next Planetary Alignment?

~11 min

On April 20, 2024, five planets will appear together in the morning sky! Discover how to see them all and get a glimpse into the science behind planetary alignments.

Vostok 1 Spacecraft

April 12: Anniversary of the First Manned Space Flight

~6 min

On April 12, we celebrate the anniversary of the first human spaceflight. Learn more about modern astronauts and space missions!