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"Angel" and "heart" on Mars

Guess the Solar System Object!

Go on a tour of the most remarkable places in the Solar System. You'll see enormous storms on gas giants and active volcanoes on planetary moons. Will you be able to guess the Solar System object by only one clue – a unique feature on its surface? Take the quiz and find out how many objects you can get right!

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Dwarf planets joined together

How Much Do You Know About Dwarf Planets?

How many dwarf planets are there? Can dwarf planets have rings? Why is Pluto not a planet? Take this quiz and test your knowledge about dwarf planets.

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Man watching the night sky

How to Catch a Shooting Star?

Take this quiz to see how well you're prepared for meteor hunting and get useful tips on how to catch the most shooting stars.

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Jupiter's Trojan asteroids

How Much Do You Know About Asteroids?

Can asteroids have rings? Is there a “James Bond” asteroid? Take this quiz to expand your knowledge about asteroids!

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Guess the Constellation!

What’s the largest constellation in the sky? Which constellation contains a W-shaped asterism? Take this quiz to test your knowledge about constellations!

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Famous spacecraft

Most Famous Spacecraft in History

What spacecraft was the first to land on a comet? What was the first artificial satellite in the Earth’s orbit? Take this quiz to test your knowledge about famous spacecraft!

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3D image of Venus

Venus – the Earth’s Evil Twin

Is it true that a day on Venus lasts longer than a year? Why is Venus the brightest and hottest planet in the Solar System? Learn interesting facts about our close neighbour!

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Galileo Galilei

Great Astronomers Of the Past

Who first proposed the heliocentric system? Which astronomer was burned at the stake for his beliefs? Take this quiz to test your knowledge about famous astronomers!

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Cat's Eye Nebula (question)

Guess the Nebula!

Astronomers are weird people and they often name things according to their strange ideas. Let’s see how weird you are – try to guess a nebula’s name from its picture!

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A satellite above the Earth

How Much Do You Know About Satellites?

How many satellites are orbiting the Earth? How often do they collide? What is a “zombie satellite”? Learn more about artificial satellites with this quiz!

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Artist’s representation of the Moon’s different colors

Colors of the Moon

When can you see a Blood Moon? Why does the Moon sometimes look white and sometimes orange? Learn more about our natural satellite with this quiz!

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