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Tiangong Space Station with the flag of China

Quiz: Tiangong Space Station 🛰️🇨🇳

Is Tiangong bigger than the ISS? How quickly was it assembled? Take this quiz to learn interesting facts about the Chinese space station!

5.9 / 10
Equinoxes & solstices quiz intro#2

Can you tell an equinox from a solstice?

Take our quiz to check your knowledge and learn more about these two astronomical events.

6.8 / 10
Sputnik 1 above Earth

Quiz: Famous Firsts in Space

What was the first planet discovered using math? Take this quiz to learn about major milestones in astronomy and space exploration!

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Star Quiz Intro 2

Quiz: What Star Is This❓⭐

Do you know where Polaris and Sirius are located? Test your astronomy knowledge with this quiz! Name all the stars correctly and win a prize!

6.7 / 10
A man watching a meteor shower

Space Rocks Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Small Space Objects

Can you tell the difference between a falling star and a meteorite? And what about comets and asteroids? Check your astronomy knowledge with our quiz!

7.1 / 10
Guess the Planet Quiz

Guess the Planet!

What planet has the most moons? On what planet you'd see blue sunsets? Take this quiz and learn exciting facts about Solar System planets.

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Man for eclipses quiz

Check Your Knowledge of Solar and Lunar Eclipses

Can solar eclipses be seen from the Moon? When was a solar eclipse first recorded on video? Test your knowledge of solar and lunar eclipses with this quiz.

4.9 / 8
International Space Station

Interesting Facts About the ISS

How big is the ISS? Does it need fuel to fly? Where do astronauts get oxygen? Take this quiz to learn fun facts about the International Space Station.

7.2 / 10
"Angel" and "heart" on Mars

Guess the Solar System Object!

Guess the object from a unique feature on its surface. Let’s test your knowledge about planets, dwarf planets, and planetary moons.

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Dwarf planets joined together

How Much Do You Know About Dwarf Planets?

What is a dwarf planet? How many dwarf planets are there? How many moons does Pluto have? Take this quiz to test your knowledge about dwarf planets.

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Man watching the night sky

How to Catch a Shooting Star?

Take this quiz to see how well you're prepared for meteor hunting and get useful tips on how to catch the most shooting stars.

8.8 / 12