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Test your astronomy skills with our astronomy and space-related quizzes. No need to wait — you'll learn the correct answer right away. Choose the topic you like the most and go ahead. Don't forget to share the result with your friends! By the way, any quiz can be taken several times until you answer all the questions correctly.

Meme Quiz

Astronomy Quiz: Meme Edition

6.9 / 10

We have a quiz, we have space memes... Uh! Space memes quiz! No nerdy questions: you're here to have fun.

Great Comets Quiz: Fun Facts About the Top Comets in History

5.5 / 10

What do comets have to do with Cognac and the American Civil War? 🥃A lot more than you'd think! Our quiz is packed with fun facts about the Great Comets. Get ready for a fun ride through time with these flashy space travelers! ☄️

Guess the Nebula!

6.8 / 10

Astronomers are weird people and they often name things according to their strange ideas. Let’s see how weird you are – try to guess a nebula’s name from its picture!

Earth Day Quiz

Earth Quiz: Explore Our Special Planet 🌍

8 / 10

How well do you know our planet? Dive into Earth's wonders, test your knowledge, and learn something new about our home in space. Take the quiz now!

Space Exploration: Facts and Myths

Space Exploration: Facts and Myths 🚀

7 / 10

Did astronauts really leave their 💩 on the Moon? Take this quiz to find out!

Is It a Real Name?

Space Quiz: Is It a Real Name?

6.1 / 10

Can you tell real space objects from fictional ones by their names? Take a try — but no cheating!

Zodiac - Person

Journey Through the Zodiac: Astronomical Quiz

7.1 / 10

Think you know the zodiac from an astronomical perspective? This quiz might surprise you! Discover fascinating facts about the Sun's journey through the constellations. Get ready to learn!

Man for eclipses quiz

Solar and Lunar Eclipse Quiz (With Answers)

4.8 / 8

Can solar eclipses be seen from the Moon? When was a solar eclipse first recorded on video? Test your knowledge of solar and lunar eclipses with this quiz.

Kindergarten Astronomy Test

Can You Pass This Kindergarten Astronomy Test?

8.7 / 10

Only 30% of adults can get the highest score in this kindergarten astronomy test. Let's see if you can answer all the questions correctly!

Space Movie or True Story?

Space Movie or True Story?

7.7 / 10

Can you tell if it happened for real or in a sci-fi movie? Let’s see how many questions you can get right!

Space Object or Something Else?

Space Object or Something Else?

6.9 / 10

Look at these ambiguous images and guess whether they represent astronomical objects or something entirely different.