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Test your astronomy skills with our astronomy and space-related quizzes. No need to wait — you'll learn the correct answer right away. Choose the topic you like the most and go ahead. Don't forget to share the result with your friends! By the way, any quiz can be taken several times until you answer all the questions correctly.

Sputnik 1 above Earth

Quiz: Famous Firsts in Space

From discovering new planets to landing on comets and launching animals into orbit — this quiz is about key moments in the history of space science.

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Star Quiz Intro 2

Quiz: What Star Is This❓⭐

Learn simple ways to identify stars! In this quiz, you'll need to guess famous bright stars by looking at the pictures. Arrows in the pictures show the stars' location in relation to nearby constellations. Some of the stars are not easy to guess, so you'll need all your astronomy smarts to pass this quiz. But if you manage to name all the stars correctly, you'll get a prize! 🎁 Note: if you didn't get 10/10 on the first attempt, just try again!

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A man watching a meteor shower

Space Rocks Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Small Space Objects

Space rocks can be called many different names: meteoroids, meteors, meteorites, comets, and asteroids. How to differentiate between them? Take this quiz to test your knowledge about small bodies of the Solar System and become a space rock expert.

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Guess the Planet Quiz

Guess the Planet!

Every planet in the Solar System has its unique peculiarities — like blue sunsets, gigantic hurricanes, or days that last longer than years. Can you guess the planet by its distinctive feature? Take this quiz and find out how many planets you can name right!

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Man for eclipses quiz

Check Your Knowledge of Solar and Lunar Eclipses

Complete the following quiz and see how much you really know about solar and lunar eclipses. By the end of it, you should gain a better understanding of these astronomical phenomena and learn some interesting historical facts that you probably didn't know. Decide whether the following statements are true or false.

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International Space Station

Interesting Facts About the ISS

How many people live on the ISS? Where do they get oxygen and electricity? Which country has never visited the station? Take this quiz to get answers to these and many other questions and test your knowledge about the International Space Station.

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"Angel" and "heart" on Mars

Guess the Solar System Object!

Go on a tour of the most remarkable places in the Solar System. You'll see enormous storms on gas giants and active volcanoes on planetary moons. Will you be able to guess the Solar System object by only one clue – a unique feature on its surface? Take the quiz and find out how many objects you can get right!

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Dwarf planets joined together

How Much Do You Know About Dwarf Planets?

How many dwarf planets are there? Can dwarf planets have rings? Why is Pluto not a planet? Take this quiz and test your knowledge about dwarf planets.

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Man watching the night sky

How to Catch a Shooting Star?

Which Moon phase is preferable for observing shooting stars? Where should you look to see the most meteors? With this quiz, you can test your knowledge about meteor showers and get useful tips on how to catch the most shooting stars.

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Jupiter's Trojan asteroids

How Much Do You Know About Asteroids?

Asteroids are small space rocks of great importance. Studying asteroids can help scientists understand how the Solar System formed. Tracking asteroids is a priority for astronomers because of the potential threat of collision with the Earth. With this quiz, you can test your knowledge about asteroids and learn new curious facts about them.

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Girl Constellations Quiz

Guess the Constellation!

Mysterious patterns of stars in the night sky have fascinated people since ancient times. In this quiz, you'll need to guess famous constellations from their images. Will you be able to tell Cassiopeia from Ursa Major? Play our guessing game and find out!

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