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"Angel" and "heart" on Mars

Guess the Solar System Object!

Go on a tour of the most remarkable places in the Solar System. You'll see enormous storms on gas giants and active volcanoes on planetary moons. Will you be able to guess the Solar System object by only one clue – a unique feature on its surface? Take the quiz and find out how many objects you can get right!

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Dwarf planets joined together

How Much Do You Know About Dwarf Planets?

How many dwarf planets are there? Can dwarf planets have rings? Why is Pluto not a planet? Take this quiz and test your knowledge about dwarf planets.

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Man watching the night sky

How to Catch a Shooting Star?

Which Moon phase is preferable for observing shooting stars? Where should you look to see the most meteors? With this quiz, you can test your knowledge about meteor showers and get useful tips on how to catch the most shooting stars.

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Jupiter's Trojan asteroids

How Much Do You Know About Asteroids?

Asteroids are small space rocks of great importance. Studying asteroids can help scientists understand how the Solar System formed. Tracking asteroids is a priority for astronomers because of the potential threat of collision with the Earth. With this quiz, you can test your knowledge about asteroids and learn new curious facts about them.

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Guess the Constellation!

Mysterious patterns of stars in the night sky have fascinated people since ancient times. In this quiz, you'll need to guess famous constellations from their images. Will you be able to tell Cassiopeia from Ursa Major? Play our guessing game and find out!

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Famous spacecraft

Most Famous Spacecraft in History

Over the past half century, scientists have sent numerous probes and satellites into space. Many of them – like Sputnik 1, Apollo 11, and Hubble – became famous even among ordinary people because of their breakthrough achievements. In this quiz, you'll need to guess famous spacecraft from their silhouettes and description. Take the quiz and see how many of them you can guess correctly!

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3D image of Venus

Venus – the Earth’s Evil Twin

How long is a day on Venus? Why is Venus hotter than Mercury? Take this quiz and test your knowledge about this mysterious planet that is both very like and very unlike the Earth.

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Galileo Galilei

Great Astronomers Of the Past

Galileo, Copernicus, Kepler – these and many other outstanding scientists made significant contributions to the history of astronomy. In this quiz, you'll need to guess famous astronomers by the discoveries they made or innovative ideas they proposed. Let's see how many you can name right!

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Cat's Eye Nebula (question)

Guess the Nebula!

Nebulae are giant clouds of interstellar dust and gas. They can take all kinds of unusual shapes, and astronomers often give them quite unexpected names. In this fun quiz, you'll need to guess the nebula's name by its photo. Let's see how many you can guess right!

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A satellite above the Earth

How Much Do You Know About Satellites?

Our planet is orbited by all kinds of artificial satellites that provide communications and navigation services, make scientific observations, and perform many other tasks. How many satellites are there in the orbit? Where do they go at the end of their operational life? Take this quiz to get answers to these and other popular questions about human-made satellites.

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Artist’s representation of the Moon’s different colors

Colors of the Moon

The Moon in the sky can take many shades: orange, gold, and even blood-red. Why does it happen? And what is the real color of our natural satellite? Take this quiz to learn more about the changing colors of the Moon.

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