Space & Astronomy Infographics: Figures, Schemes and Tables

Easily understand complex astronomy terms with our clear and colorful infographics! They will guide you through the fascinating world of astronomy and space and show the noteworthy stargazing events that will occur this year. You can even use these infographics as wall posters — all of them are available in high quality!

A Brief History of Astronomy

From Aristotle to Hubble: An Entertaining Journey Through Astronomy's History

Learning history can be fun! Explore revolutionary discoveries and key figures in astronomy’s history through memorable cartoon-like characters.

A Brief History of Astronomy

A Brief History of Astronomy

From star catalogs on clay tablets to a photo of a black hole: explore the key milestones in the history of astronomy through this infographic.

5 Upcoming Eclipses Infographics preview

5 Upcoming Eclipses

List of 5 upcoming lunar and solar eclipses, their dates, timelines, and visibility maps. Find out whether you can see them from your location!

Planetary Alignment Infographic Preview

Planetary Alignment Infographic: A Celestial Parade

Discover how to observe planetary alignments with this colorful infographic and mark your calendar for the next “planet parade”.

Space Mining Infographic

Space Mining: The Future of Humanity

What resources can be mined in space? How much are asteroids worth? Find the answers in this infographic!

Bortle Scale of Light Pollution

Understanding the Night Sky: The Bortle Scale

Wondering if you can spot that galaxy or nebula from your backyard? 🌌Our infographic has the answers! Here we use the Bortle Scale to illustrate how light pollution affects what you see. Get to know the night sky and enhance your stargazing experience!

7 things about the March equinox

Equinox in Pictures: 7 Things to Know about March Equinox

Discover the March Equinox in a nutshell with our handy infographic! We've compiled some fascinating facts about this astronomical event just for you. 🌸🔍

Best Deep-Sky Objects for Beginners (Northern Hemisphere)

Best Deep-Sky Objects for Beginners (Northern Hemisphere)

Learn how to see the brightest galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters in the Northern Hemisphere. Perfect for budding astronomers!

Planet Pictures

Planet Pictures: Then vs Now

From grainy black-and-white to breathtaking high-res images! 🪐Explore the journey of planetary photography through our infographics, showing the oldest and newest photos of planets side by side.

UFO Infographic: Sky

Relax, It's Not Aliens: Man-Made Objects Mistaken for UFOs

What are those strange lights in the sky? Uncover the truth behind UFO sightings! 🛸 Explore our infographic to discover how everyday objects can masquerade as mysterious aerial phenomena. 🎆 From colorful lights to spiraling formations, you'll never believe what's really up there!

Best astronomy events 2024 preview

12 Best Astronomy Events 2024

Discover the most anticipated space events of 2024. Unforgettable experiences are on the horizon!