Space & Astronomy Infographics: Figures, Schemes and Tables

Easily understand complex astronomy terms with our clear and colorful infographics! They will guide you through the fascinating world of astronomy and space and show the noteworthy stargazing events that will occur this year. You can even use these infographics as wall posters — all of them are available in high quality!

5 Upcoming Eclipses Infographics preview

5 Upcoming Eclipses

List of 5 upcoming lunar and solar eclipses, their dates, timelines, and visibility maps. Find out whether you can see them from your location!

15 stars everyone can find Intro

15 Stars Everyone Can Find

Learn how to identify the most famous stars: Polaris, Sirius, Arcturus, and many others. Familiarize yourself with the night sky using this infographic!

Mars at opposition 2022 Infographics preview

Mars at Opposition 2022

Do you enjoy viewing Mars? Then watch it at opposition in December 2022. Learn why this will be the best time to see the Red Planet till 2033.

Supermoons & Micromoons

Supermoons & Micromoons

What is a Supermoon and a Micromoon? When to observe our natural satellite at its biggest and brightest? Take a look at this infographic to find it out!

Entire Universe in 1 Year Infographics preview

Entire Universe in 1 Year

How old is the Universe? Take a look at our cosmic calendar to realize how brief human history is compared to the age of the Universe.

Where are we in the Universe Infographics preview

Where are we in the Universe?

Where are we in the Milky Way? And where is the Milky Way in the Universe? How many galaxies are in the observable Universe? Find answers in this infographic.

Full Moons 2022 Infographics preview

Full Moons 2022

When is the next Full Moon in 2022? See our calendar of all Full Moons this year that includes dates and times, names, Supermoons, and more.

10 Mind-Blowing Moon Facts Infographics preview

10 Mind-Blowing Moon Facts

Is lunar dust dangerous? Has anyone been buried on the Moon? Read this infographic to learn amazing facts about our natural satellite.

Twilight and Magic Hours Explained

Twilight and Magic Hours Explained

When is twilight? What types of twilight are there? What are “magic hours”? Check out our infographic to get answers to these questions.

Dangerous Asteroids 101

Dangerous Asteroids 101

Is there an asteroid heading for Earth? How big of an asteroid would destroy a city? Check out this infographic to learn cool facts about hazardous asteroids.

What is retrograde motion?

Retrograde Motion of Planets Demystified

Want to know what causes the apparent retrograde motion of the planets? Check out this infographic to learn how retrograde motion works.