Астрономия и Космос: Инфографика

Twilight and Magic Hours Explained

When is twilight? What types of twilight are there? What are “magic hours”? Check out our infographic to get answers to these questions.

Dangerous Asteroids 101

Is there an asteroid heading for Earth? How big of an asteroid would destroy a city? Check out this infographic to learn cool facts about hazardous asteroids.

What is retrograde motion?

Want to know what causes the apparent retrograde motion of the planets? Check out this infographic to learn how retrograde motion works.

7 Constellations Everyone Can Find

Check out this infographic and learn how to find the most famous constellations in the sky.

Measuring Distances in Space

What’s bigger: lunar distance, astronomical unit, or light-year? How are these units used? Check out our infographic to find these out!

Supermoons & Micromoons

What is a Supermoon and a Micromoon? When to observe our natural satellite at its biggest and brightest? Take a look at this infographic to find it out!

The Brightest Stars and Their Constellations

Learn the brightest stars, their constellations, distance from the Earth, and best time to see! Check out this infographic.

7 Things About the March Equinox

What is the March Equinox and what does it mean for people around the world? The answers are in this infographic!

7 Largest Meteorites on Earth

Want to learn about the largest space rocks ever to hit our planet? Check this infographic!