The Moon is one of the most familiar celestial bodies in the sky that we're all accustomed to. However, you can never get bored of observing our natural satellite, as its appearance is constantly changing. The Moon can be full and new, waxing and waning, a thin crescent or a fully-illuminated disk. Once in a while, it can even become a Supermoon, or a Blood Moon! Each month's Full Moon has its own peculiar names given to it by different cultures: Wolf Moon, Strawberry Moon, Worm Moon, and so on. The Moon can also get close to bright planets in the sky which is always a spectacular sight. Here, you'll find useful tips on when it's best to observe the Moon in the sky and learn lots of fun facts about our natural satellite.

Moon-Mars Conjunction February 2023

February 2023: What Planet is Next to the Moon?

~10 min

What is that bright dot shining near the Moon tonight? Find out about stars and planets that can be seen next to our natural satellite this month!

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Full Moon in February 2023: Snow Moon

Full Moon in February 2023: Snow Moon

~3 min

February’s Full Snow Moon will occur on February 5. Learn the best time for its observation and find out the meaning behind its name.

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Chinese New Year 2023-2

Chinese New Year 2023: Year of the Water Rabbit

~5 min

In 2023, Chinese New Year falls on January 22, starting the year of the Rabbit 🐇 Read our article to learn everything about this traditional festival.

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Full Wolf Moon January 2023

Full Moon in January 2023: Wolf Moon

~4 min

This year’s first Full Moon (the Wolf Moon) will take place on January 6. Learn when and how to see the Wolf Full Moon and why it's called so.

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Full Moons 2023 — White Moon

Full Moons Calendar 2023: The Year Of 13 Full Moons

~8 min

In 2023, we’ll see 13 Full Moons, including one Blue Moon and four Supermoons. Check the dates and name meanings for each of the Full Moons this year.

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Moon-Jupiter Conjunction on December 29, 2022

Moon in Conjunction With Planets 2022

~22 min

Learn about conjunctions of the Moon and planets that occurred in 2022. A link for the 2023 conjunctions list is included.

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Astronomy calendar 2023

Astronomy Calendar 2023: All Space Events in 2023

~22 min

Best events 2023: comets, eclipses, planetary conjunctions, and more! Find out what’s in the sky in 2023 with our astronomy calendar.

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Full Moons 2023

Full Moon Calendar 2023: Native American Moon Names

When is the next Full Moon in 2023? When is the Super Blue Moon this year? Check our Full Moon calendar for all dates, times, names, Supermoons, and more for the year.

December Full Moon 2022

Full Moon in December 2022 — Cold Moon

~3 min

The December Full Moon is the last Full Moon in 2022. So, don’t miss it! In the article, you’ll find the time and date of the Full Moon and its folklore names.

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Total Lunar Eclipse November 2022

Total Lunar Eclipse in November 2022 – Visible From California to Australia

~6 min

In November 2022, the Moon will turn blood-red for 85 minutes! Check the exact timeline of the total lunar eclipse and the best locations to observe it.

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