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Space is vast and full of the unknown. Many secrets of the Universe are yet to be discovered. However, we do know some things about the unexplored depth of space. Let these interesting, unexpected, or frightening facts inspire you to further explore the wonderful world of cosmos and astronomy!

Amazing Planet Venus

Facts About Venus: Explore the Earth's Sister Planet

~9 min

Why is Venus so hot and bright? When is the best time to observe it? Read this article to get answers to these and many other questions about this planet.

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Facts About Mercury

Facts About Mercury: All You Need to Know

~7 min

Explore the closest planet to the Sun! Find out how long a day on Mercury is and how many moons the planet has. Also, keep up with the upcoming Mercury events!

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Equinox Infographic Preview

Equinox in Pictures: Balance of Day and Night

Discover the science behind the equinoxes with this infographic! Learn about the changing of seasons and the balance between day and night.

Equinoxes & solstices quiz intro#2

Can you tell an equinox from a solstice?

The two equinoxes and two solstices mark the beginning of astronomical seasons. But what is the difference between an equinox and a solstice? And what's the reason the Earth has seasons at all? Take this quiz to get answers to these questions and learn fun facts about equinoxes and solstices.

Space Exploration: Facts and Myths

Space Exploration: Facts and Myths 🚀

Did Apollo astronauts really leave their poop on the Moon?💩 See if you can tell truth from fiction in this quiz! Navigate through facts and myths about space exploration and try to earn the ultimate score!

Jupiter guide

Jupiter Facts: The Biggest Planet in the Solar System

~10 min

The bright Jupiter is known for its many moons, unstable surface, and mysterious Great Red Spot. Is there something else? Find out!

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Autumn equinox

First Day of Fall 2023: All About Autumnal Equinox

~6 min

In 2023, the last day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere is September 23! On that day, the autumnal equinox will occur, marking the beginning of fall. Here is all you need to know.

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Astronomy Facts: True or False?

Astronomy Facts: True or False? 🌌🌟

Is it true that there are more stars in the Universe than grains of sand on the Earth? Discover if you have what it takes to shine like a star in our quiz about the cosmos and get a maximum score!

Mars and its two moons, Phobos and Deimos

Mars: Facts About the Red Planet

~10 min

Why is Mars red? What’s the gravity on Mars? Read this article to get answers to these and many other questions and learn more about the Red Planet.

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Facts About Saturn

What Is Saturn: Planet Boasting Rings, Moons, and More

~12 min

How many rings does Saturn have? Where is Saturn tonight in the sky? Find answers to these and other most common questions about Saturn in our article.

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