Constellations & Asterisms

A constellation is an area in the sky containing a group of stars that looks like a particular shape. Throughout history, constellations served to navigate the sky, and until now astronomers use their names to point out the sky objects’ locations. The International Astronomical Union formally acknowledges 88 constellations. Some smaller groups of stars are called asterisms – they also have particular shapes, but are composed of stars that are already part of a bigger constellation. The most famous asterism is the Big Dipper, a part of the constellation Ursa Major. Here, we provide detailed articles, colorful infographics, and interesting quizzes on constellations and asterisms. Learn to navigate the sky with us!

The constellation Orion with the brightest stars

Orion: the Hunter Constellation

~8 min

​​​​Unlock the cosmic beauty of the сonstellation Orion that has captivated stargazers for centuries. Examine its diverse celestial features and gain insight into the constellation's intriguing formation.

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Constellation Taurus

Taurus: the Bull Constellation

~7 min

What is the best time to see the constellation Taurus? Learn the quickest way to find Taurus, and observe the sky like a pro!

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Summer Triangle asterism

Summer Triangle: Vega, Deneb, Altair

~3 min

On summer nights, see one of the easiest-to-find asterisms — the Summer Triangle. Find planetary nebulae, star clusters, and small constellations within its borders!

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12 zodiac constellations

Zodiac constellations and zodiac signs

~8 min

What is the difference between zodiac constellations and signs? ♈ How many zodiac constellations are there? ⛎ Get these answers and more here!

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Canis Major Constellation

Canis Major – the Big Dog Constellation

~7 min

What is the best way to find Canis Major in the sky? You won’t miss the best time to observe the constellation after reading this article! 🐶

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Ursa Major

The Great Bear Constellation — Ursa Major

~8 min

Is the Big Dipper the same as Ursa Major? And how to locate other stars and constellations with the help of the Great Bear? Improve your stargazing skills with our constellation guide. 🔭

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Christmas stargazing 2021

Stargazing in December: Christmas Sky

~4 min

Read about a planetary parade, a shining Christmas Tree, Christmas Comet Leonard, and more treats for stargazers in late December.

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Girl Constellations Quiz

Guess the Constellation!

Mysterious patterns of stars in the night sky have fascinated people since ancient times. In this quiz, you'll need to guess famous constellations from their images. Will you be able to tell Cassiopeia from Ursa Major? Play our guessing game and find out!

Constellations in the sky

Constellations 101: Most Popular Questions About Famous Constellations

~3 min

In this article, you’ll find answers to the most popular questions about constellations.

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7 Constellations Everyone Can Find

Famous Constellations Everyone Can Find

Learn how to easily find famous star patterns and constellations in the night sky. Discover interesting facts about each of the constellations.