It’s World Space Week!

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It’s World Space Week!

Let’s celebrate one of the largest space events on Earth!

World Space Week is observed from 4 to 10 October every year. It is officially defined as "an international celebration of science and technology, and their contribution to the betterment of the human condition".

During this week, space agencies, companies, schools, planetaria, museums, and astronomy clubs organize various space education and outreach events. One of the main goals of World Space Week is to educate and excite people of all ages around the world about astronomy and space science.

Besides, on October 5, 2019, International Astronomy Day is celebrated. It is a world-wide event observed each fall and spring intended to provide a means of interaction between the general public and various astronomy enthusiasts, groups and professionals.

Here at Vito Technology, our number one goal is to provide users with high-quality educational applications for learning about our wonderful universe. To celebrate the World Space Week and International Astronomy Day, we have prepared special offers for you. Get all additional content and features for our paid astronomy applications Star Walk 2, Solar Walk 2 and Solar Walk at the lowest possible price.

● Discover deep sky objects, satellites, 3D models of constellations and all objects of the Solar system with our guide to the night sky Star Walk 2.

● Explore man-made spacecraft and asteroids, learn about legendary space missions and astronomical events with Solar Walk 2.

● Get access to satellites, educational movies, hi-res surfaces of planets and 3D visualizations of space missions with Solar Walk.

Discounts are valid from October 4 to 10, 2019.

Space knowledge awaits. Enjoy!

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