Happy International Astronomy Day!

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On May 2, 2020, International Astronomy Day is celebrated. On this holiday, astronomy enthusiasts all over the world, both groups and professionals, share their knowledge about our wonderful Universe and outer space with the general public.

The vastness of the Universe and the mysteries of the night sky have always fascinated humanity. Astronomy day is a great day for all people to increase the range of their knowledge about the Universe, the world, and our place in it.

History of International Astronomy Day

The first International Astronomy Day was organized by the president of the Astronomical Association of Northern California, Doug Berger, in 1973. He wanted to increase awareness and interest in astronomy and space among people and make it more accessible for them to learn about the Universe. To do this, a lot of telescopes were set up in busy city locations to allow everyone to enjoy the view of the beautiful sky.

Since then Astronomy Day has become a world-famous annual celebration and is now sponsored by many organizations associated with astronomy.

Did you know?

International Astronomy Day is a bi-annual event. It is celebrated twice a year, in autumn and spring. Spring Astronomy Day occurs on a Saturday between mid-April and mid-May closest to the first quarter Moon, and Autumn Astronomy Day is celebrated on a Saturday closest to the first quarter Moon between September and October. The next Astronomy Day in 2020 will occur on September 26.

How to Celebrate Astronomy Day?

There are a lot of ways to celebrate Astronomy Day, from attending local public events to watching educational films about outer space and introducing children to the magic world of astronomy. The important part of the celebration is to spend some time learning more about our Universe. Although social activities and events are limited now, you still can do it. Our astronomical applications allow you to explore the Universe from any place and at any time. You can get closer to the mysteries of outer space without leaving home.

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Enjoy the heavens!