Full Worm Moon

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Full Worm Moon

For most of this week, the moon will remain in view in the evening sky. On Wednesday night the moon will reach its full phase. The March full moon, known as the Worm Moon, Crow Moon, Sap Moon or Lenten Moon, always shines in or near the stars of Leo or Virgo (the Maiden). As with many other moon names, this one has a seasonal tie: The timing of the moon coincides with warmer weather and the appearance of earthworms. Being the final full moon of winter, this full moon is also a supermoon, particularly close to Earth. It comes less than four hours after the arrival of the March 20 equinox.

Full moons always rise in the east as the sun sets, and set in the west at sunrise. When fully illuminated, the moon’s geology is enhanced, especially the contrast between the ancient cratered highlands and the younger, darker, smoother maria. 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the first lunar landings by humans.

After Wednesday, the moon will begin to rise in late evening and wane in phase. From Thursday to Sunday, it will traverse the stars of Virgo and then Libra (the Scales).

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