The Sun is the largest body in our Solar System and the most important sky object in all the human cultures. For astronomers, it also provides the most thrilling events, like eclipses, equinoxes, and solstices. Get to know our closest star better! Here, you'll get the detailed information about all the important solar events. Don’t forget that it’s dangerous to look at the Sun directly. If you want to check its location and the sky objects nearby, use a skywatching app like [Star Walk 2] or [Sky Tonight].

Spring equinox

Spring Equinox 2023: What Exactly Is It?

~7 min

When does spring begin? Why are day and night not really equal at the vernal equinox? And why isn't the spring equinox always the March equinox? Find out here!

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Equinox Infographic Preview

Equinoxes Explained

Discover the science behind the cosmic events of the equinoxes with an engaging infographic! Learn about the changing of seasons and the balance between day and night.

Winter Solstice 2022

Solstice: When is it, and what causes it?

~9 min

The June 2023 solstice takes place on June 21. What happens on the solstice? Here’s what you need to know.

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Equinoxes & solstices quiz intro#2

Can you tell an equinox from a solstice?

The two equinoxes and two solstices mark the beginning of astronomical seasons. But what is the difference between an equinox and a solstice? And what's the reason the Earth has seasons at all? Take this quiz to get answers to these questions and learn fun facts about equinoxes and solstices.

Sun on Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice 2022: When Is the Shortest Day of the Year

~7 min

Winter solstice 2022 is coming on December 21 in the Northern Hemisphere — learn the science and culture behind the shortest day of the year.

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5 Upcoming Eclipses Infographics preview

5 Upcoming Eclipses

List of 5 upcoming lunar and solar eclipses, their dates, timelines, and visibility maps. Find out whether you can see them from your location!

Lunar eclipse

How Does a Lunar Eclipse Work: How Often Are Lunar Eclipses?

~6 min

What causes lunar eclipses? How often do they happen? When is the next one? Get answers to these and other questions from our article.

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Partial solar eclipse on October 2022

Partial Solar Eclipse on October 25, 2022: Where to See

~3 min

The last and best partial solar eclipse of the year will occur on October 25, 2022. Find out the exact time and the cities from which it will be visible.

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Earth at twilight

Understanding Twilight: Dusk & Dawn, Magic Hours

~7 min

If you don’t know the difference between twilight and dusk/dawn, read this article! This ultimate guide explains twilight and the terms related to it.

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March equinox and September equinox

What Is an Equinox and When Is the Fall Equinox 2022

~6 min

The astronomical autumn will begin in the Northern Hemisphere in a few days. Learn about the September equinox – the event that changes seasons. 🍂🍃

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