Full Beaver Moon

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Full Beaver Moon

On November 11 and 12, 2019, the moon will appear full and will shine brightly in the sky from dusk till dawn.

The moon will reach peak fullness in the morning of Tuesday, November 12, at 8:34 a.m. EST (13:34 UTC) and will shine near the stars that form the constellations of Taurus and Aries.

The full moon of November is also known as the Beaver Moon. There are different versions of why the moon got this name.

November is the time of the year when beavers become very active building their winter dams and preparing for the cold season. Beavers don’t hibernate, but become less active in the winter, which means that they have a lot to prepare before the weather gets too cold.

According to another version, the name derives from fur trappers who trapped beavers for their pelts and made money from it. November was seen as the best month to hunt for beavers before they stowed away for the winter.

Other names for this full moon are the Full Frost Moon and the Full Mourning Moon.

You can find the moonrise and moonset times and the info on moon phases in the ‘Sky Live’ section of Star Walk 2.

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