Puppid-Velid Meteor Shower

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Puppid-Velid Meteor Shower

The Puppid–Velid meteor shower will reach its peak around December 7, 2019. Observers can spot up to 10 meteors per hour at its maximum rate of activity.

The Puppid–Velid meteor shower is active from December 1 to 15 every year. The radiant point for this meteor shower is between the constellations of Puppis and Vela. At the peak, all meteors will appear to be travelling outward from this point in the sky at a speed of 40 km/sec.

The meteors are best seen in a dark sky when the radiant lies highest above the horizon. The higher the radiant point is in the sky, the greater the number of visible meteors. If the shower’s radiant is low above the horizon during the peak, the meteor shower will look as if meteors appeared in the sky from the horizon. To check whether the radiant of the Puppid–Velid meteor shower is visible in the sky above you and to determine the best time to observe, use the stargazing app Star Walk 2. To see the most meteors, find a wide-open dark location away from light polluted skies, and just look up with unaided eyes.

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