What to do if sky objects in the app are displaced from their true positions?

~1 min

If the representation of the sky on your screen seems to be inaccurate, try the following steps.

Step 1. Make sure that Star Walk 2 is allowed access to your location data.

Step 2. Calibrate your device by moving it in a figure eight pattern three to five times.

Step 3. If the problem remains, try manual calibration. Find a prominent and bright object in the sky above you – like the Sun, the Moon, Venus, or Jupiter. It’s better to lower the magnitude in the app’s settings so that only the brightest objects are left on the screen. Touch the screen with two fingers and drag the sky horizontally until the celestial object you’ve chosen corresponds with its representation in the app. Due to technical restrictions, you’ll probably have to repeat the procedure every time you open the app.

Happy stargazing!