Astronomy — a science that studies celestial objects and phenomena — is the oldest of the natural sciences. It dates back to antiquity and has origins in the religious, mythological, cosmological, calendrical, and astrological beliefs and practices of prehistory. Astronomy has evolved from simple stars observing and charting constellations to the exploration of mind-boggling objects like black holes, white dwarfs, neutron stars, and supernovas. Here you'll learn the most important milestones in the history of astronomy.

Vostok 1 Spacecraft

April 12: Anniversary of the First Manned Space Flight

~6 min

On April 12, we celebrate the anniversary of the first human spaceflight. Learn more about modern astronauts and space missions!

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Galileo Galilei portrait

From the Moons of Jupiter to the Laws of Motion: The Contributions of Galileo Galilei to Astronomy and Science

~7 min

Galileo Galilei is widely considered to be one of the most outstanding scientists of all time. Take a closer look at the legacy of this remarkable man and how his work continues to shape our world today.

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Sputnik 1 above Earth

Quiz: Famous Firsts in Space

From discovering new planets to landing on comets and launching animals into orbit — this quiz is about key moments in the history of space science. - What spacecraft was the first to reach interstellar space? - What was the first dwarf planet ever discovered? - What were the first animals in space? Take this quiz and learn more about major milestones in astronomy and space exploration!

The International Day of Planetariums 2021

Why Are Planetariums Important Today?

~5 min

Searching for a new leisure time activity? Visit your nearest planetarium! In today's article, you’ll find everything you need to know about space theaters.

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60th Anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's flight

60th Anniversary of the First Human Space Flight

~4 min

In today’s article, we’ll talk about the flight of Yuri Gagarin and remember another important event that also happened on April 12.

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Great astronomers: collage of three

Great Astronomers Of the Past

Galileo, Copernicus, Kepler – these and many other outstanding scientists made significant contributions to the history of astronomy. In this quiz, you'll need to guess famous astronomers by the discoveries they made or innovative ideas they proposed. Let's see how many you can name right!