Partial Solar Eclipse

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Partial Solar Eclipse

2019’s first new moon falls on January 6 at 1:28 UTC. This new moon will pass between the Earth and sun, to stage a partial eclipse of the sun. It happens on the night of January 5 for time zones in the Americas. If you do reside at the right spot on the globe – you can see the moon taking a bite out of the solar disk. Just be sure to use proper eye protection when watching this or any eclipse!

The eclipse will be visible from Asia (China, Korea, Japan, Russia, North Pacific Ocean and Alaska’s Aleution Islands). Depending on where you live within the eclipse viewing area, this eclipse will happen during the daylight hours on January 5 or 6.

The January 6, 2019 partial solar eclipse starts at sunrise in Asia, then travels eastward for roughly 4 1/4 hours, finally ending sunset at Alaska’s Aleution islands.

A solar eclipse always happens one fortnight (approximately two weeks) of a lunar eclipse. Sure enough, later this month – on the night of January 20-21, 2019 – there will be a total eclipse of the moon, visible in the Americas, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

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