Full Moon Schedule 2024: Native American Full Moon Names


Embark on a journey through the Full Moons of 2024! Our comprehensive 2024 Full Moon Calendar provides all Full Moon dates, accompanied by traditional Full Moon names and brief explanations. If you’ve ever wondered why the November Full Moon is called the Beaver Moon, or if the April Pink Moon really looks pink, now’s your chance to find out. Explore the Full Moon schedule for 2024 and don't just observe, but get to know our natural satellite in its full glory!

This year promises 12 Full Moons, including two to four Supermoons (depending on a definition) and a seasonal Blue Moon. Curious about the first Supermoon in 2024 or the next Full Moon? Find all the answers in this user-friendly infographic. For more in-depth insights into each 2024 Full Moon, take a look at our dedicated article. To delve into the entire lunar cycle for the year, visit the Moon Phases page on our website. There, you will find lunar phases, moonrise and moonset times for your location, and fascinating facts about our Earth's steadfast companion.

Enjoy the lunar viewing with friends – share with them our Full Moon Calendar 2024, available on Instagram through #infographics_StarWalk. Don't miss a single month of the lunar splendor!

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