What is the Difference Between Paid and Free Versions of Star Walk 2?

~1 min

Want to start using Star Walk 2 or get some extra content, but can not understand the difference between paid and free versions? Here’s how to choose the version you need.

There is no difference between Star Walk 2 and Star Walk 2 Free (which is Star Walk 2 Ads+ on the App Store) in terms of content. The only difference between these applications is the presence and absence of advertising.

Star Walk 2 is a paid app that has no ads.

Star Walk 2 Free (or Star Walk 2 Ads+) is a free ad-supported app.

What to use as an initial version?

If you want to test the app for free to decide whether you want to use it in the future, start with a free ad-supported app. If necessary, you can remove ads from it through the ‘Ad-Free Pack’ or get a separate paid app.

Note that both free and paid apps offer in-app purchases. The content purchased in one app won't be available in another.

Happy stargazing!