The New App Release: Meet Sky Tonight™!

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Our new astronomy tool for exploring the night sky in real-time is available on App Store, Google Play, and Huawei AppGallery. For the dozens of stargazing apps on the stores, we decided to develop one App to rule them all! Kidding, we don’t want to rule all the stargazing apps; it was just hard to resist a Lord of The Ring reference. Read on to actually learn what we developed a new stargazing app for and what’s so special about it.

What is Sky Tonight™?

Sky Tonight is a brand-new astronomy app that offers an easy way of exploring the night sky. It meets the needs of both ordinary people who just want an accessible guide to the night sky and seasoned astronomy lovers who need a more in-depth experience.

We’d like to emphasize that Sky Tonight is a standalone app and not an upgrade of Star Walk 2. While Star Walk 2 is more about the beautiful visualization and immersive experience, Sky Tonight is a multifunctional tool for exploring the night sky, planning your observations, and more.

What to use Sky Tonight™ for?

Sky Tonight helps to answer the three most common questions.

What is that bright dot in the sky?

Launch Sky Tonight and point your device at the sky to see the names of stars, constellations, or any other objects above your head. Tap the object on the screen and get complete information about it.

What astronomical events can I see tonight?

Go to the Visible Tonight section to learn what space objects you can see tonight, or consult the astronomical calendar to plan your observations for the days to come. Both sections feature the stargazing index calculated from a Moon phase, light pollution, cloudiness, and other factors.

How can I find the object I'm interested in?

Use the flexible search that allows you to look for the whole categories of objects or events, like “stars”, “galaxies”, or “meteor showers”, and find all related objects, events, and articles. To see an object’s position in the sky, tap the target icon opposite an object’s name.

Sky Tonight™ vs Star Walk™ 2

Sky Tonight:

  • Is more minimalistic;
  • Gives access to all space objects and features for free;
  • Features a calendar of astronomical events;
  • Has bottom navigation;
  • Has a flexible search;
  • Includes asterisms, more stars, and deep-sky objects;
  • Presents the stargazing index and weather forecast;
  • Features an updated Visible Tonight section;
  • Contains grid settings options;
  • Has advanced constellation representation adjustments;
  • Allows setting reminders on any time and date;
  • Features three trajectory options.

Star Walk 2:

  • Features the unique visual main screen representation;
  • Has the Sky Live section;
  • Offers an opportunity to enable/disable visual effects;
  • Contains a space objects data catalog;
  • Allows switching to landscape orientation;
  • Includes paid add-on content;
  • Has different spectrum options for the sky;
  • Presents 3D models of constellations, DSOs, satellites;
  • Contains space missions;
  • Includes space cartoons.

Star Walk 2 was updated and improved multiple times for years of existence, while Sky Tonight is only at the beginning of its journey. To improve the app, we need your feedback — download Sky Tonight and share your opinion about the new app on social media or at Also, don’t forget to rate us on Google Play, App Store, and Huawei AppGallery.

For further information on Sky Tonight, please visit the Vito Technology website.

Wishing you clear skies and happy stargazing!