Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter!

Dear Friends! We wish you an extraordinary and joyful Easter. May your life be full of love, harmony and prosperity. Celebrate this wonderful holiday with so much happiness and thanksgiving.

Did you know that the date of Easter celebration is calculated on a lunar-solar calendar? This makes Easter a passing occasion. The holiday always falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the spring equinox. Thus, in 2020, Easter will be celebrated on April 12, and on April 4 in 2021.

Easter is not only about chocolate bunnies and egg hunts, it is also a time to enjoy the beautiful spring weather and create happy moments together with family and friends. Happy moments can be created with small acts, that is why we have prepared a little treat for you. Get our Monster Park app for iOS free of charge and all the dinosaurs for the free Android version of the app at the lowest price from April 20 to 22.

Monster Park - AR Dino World is an augmented reality app to observe and rule incredibly lifelike dinosaurs and other horrible creatures. You will be able to bring enormous monsters to your world, walk together, take cool photos and record videos.

We hope that our stunning AR creatures will brighten up your Easter celebration!

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