Moon & Venus after Sunset

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Moon & Venus after Sunset

The Moon and Venus will make a close approach, passing within 2°18' of each other.

From Friday, evening onwards, the Moon will wax fuller and climb higher in the western evening sky. During the early evening on Saturday, June 16, the young crescent Moon will be situated a palm’s width to the upper left of bright Venus. The pair of objects will set together about 11:45 pm local time.

Look for the huge open star cluster Messier 44, also known as the Beehive and Praesepe (The Manger), sitting between the Moon and Venus in the same binocular field of view.

Once twilight fades, turn around and look on the opposite side of the sky to spot Jupiter. It's quite bright and easy to spot. Right now the King of Planets is situated in Libra, which is well known as a constellation in the zodiac, but rather small in area with only modestly bright stars.

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