Monster Park AR - Special Offer

~1 min

Now all Star Walk 2 users (the owners of the PAID version) can buy Monster Park AR with 70% discount if purchased as the Augmented Reality Pack.

Or anyone can buy both bestsellers - Star Walk 2 and Monster Park AR with 30% discount if purchased as the Augmented Reality Pack.

Vito Technology, Inc. is updating Monster Park AR to support ARKit 1.5 with recognition of not only horizontal surfaces, but also virtual objects on vertical surfaces like walls and doors.

Using this new technology Monster Park AR successfully integrates the new AR creature centipede thus the giant centipede can crawl everywhere on the walls and on the floor.

Also in this version:

  • The quality of photo & video has been significantly improved
  • General bug fixes and performance improvements

We hope you'll enjoy the update and look forward to your feedback on the App Store!

圖像來源Vito Technology